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  27.04.2015 Ferienhaus Ostsee
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SundayStylin: lmfao
djkillerflex: hahahahahahahha
djkillerflex: salaam-e-ishq chune!!
SundayStylin: bringing fire man
SundayStylin: wait till the next tune
djkillerflex: eh heh
djkillerflex: loving the vibe boi
SundayStylin: thank you sir
djkillerflex: CD IS GOLD
djkillerflex: lets see if new bollywood will grow on me
SundayStylin: lol
SundayStylin: it will trust
SundayStylin: i love this track
djkillerflex: last new tune i liked was radha
djkillerflex: -___-
djkillerflex: 4 years boi!!
djkillerflex: maybe one day i shall join u on there.. one day LOL
SundayStylin: lol one day./...
djkillerflex: *flex curls hands*
SundayStylin: : | you know for as long as i've known you i dont think ive ever seen that
djkillerflex: you never around for meh family parties lol
djkillerflex: i hate the public lol
SundayStylin: lmfao frankly i dont care haha
SundayStylin: and you never invite me
djkillerflex: LOL
djkillerflex: hhahaha
djkillerflex: soon bai
djkillerflex: soon
djkillerflex: stap skin yuh teeth
djkillerflex: i hate new chutney peruid
djkillerflex: period*
djkillerflex: and HELL NO
SundayStylin: lmfao
SundayStylin: #SUNDAYSTYLIN IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS WEEK! Thank You All For Listening! Keep It Locked On www.m4uradio.com For All The Tunes!
Kashmoney: Is there a special plugin we need to play the radio ?
SundayStylin: #SundayStylin Live At 6pm On www.m4uradio.com

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